About us

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About Us:

We are a Spanish company born in Madrid in 2002. We specialize in creating products from scratch, and create unique products that you will only find working with us. ‘Novelty Candy’ is synonymous with The Candy & Toy Factory.

We are especially proud of combining design, quality and innovation. Our designs are original, unique and designed by us every step of the way. We provide the highest quality in the market and innovate constantly by launching new products to the market every year. But more importantly, we create more than just a candy, we create fun and happiness. Kids can interact directly with our products. The combination of these characteristics helps our distributors to be leaders in their respective markets.

Our brand WOM “World of Magic” is dynamic, creative and fun. Through this brand you can find us in the market, with products that transmit these values.

The brand Candicraft allows us to create, interact, express, and experiment the sweet world of candy within the framework of creativity and fun.

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Our Process:

We develop our products from scratch. Any idea is a good idea, no matter where it comes from. And with our expert knowledge and skills, any idea can become a fun new product. Our biggest joy is seeing the final product results and what our products represent to kids.

It’s a long process with many steps, but it allows us to reach our objective: being the ‘dream factory’ of our small consumers.